New businesses in the Hudson Valley mean more growth for the community. Locals have more job opportunities and out-of-town visitors can add another pit stop to their list.

Within Orange County, NY, New Doors Have Opened

Unique, locally owned establishments have been joining the small business community.

Inglenook Marketplace, also known as the "Best Candles in the Hudson Valley" has begun a new journey in the historic village of Montgomery.

GoodwillNYNJ has opened for shopping needs and donations in the Dunning Farm Plaza in Middletown, NY.

Boneyard Cantina had a colorful, grand opening in September in Warwick, NY.

Hudson Valley Residents Have Answers On New Building

Jacklyn Rose Skincare is a well-known name throughout the Hudson Valley. This small business was voted "The Best Facials" in the Hudson Valley. This inspirational woman, Jacklyn created Jacklyn Rose Studios and gave life to the village of Montgomery, New York.

Under Jacklyn Rose Studios, different businesses come together to serve the Hudson Valley. LeDoux Aesthetics for facials, Reiki by Jaimie for reiki sessions, Alyssa Bella Massage for massages, JW Hair Design for hair care needs, and more uplifting and relaxing services are provided under one roof.

I had the opportunity to try out the infrared sauna pod at Jacklyn Rose Studios and was impressed. This futuristic pod produces red infrared light rays and has multiple benefits such as burning calories, detoxifying the body, lowering stress and assisting with blood circulation.

Jacklyn Rose Studios Will Open In The New Building In Orange County, NY

Something new is coming to the Hudson Valley. This "Luxury Blo Out Bar" brings a new meaning to glamorous yet convenient. There will also be a vegan smoothie bowl lounge under the same roof.

The combination of getting my hair done and eating delicious fresh fruit sounds like a dream come true.

Will Jacklyn Rose Studios's New Location Have Jobs Available?

Located in the Village of Montgomery, NY, this new building will have the opportunity for the entire community. They are looking for the best team in this brand-new location. The hiring process has begun and jobs are open.

Estheticians, hair stylists, front desk staff and smoothie staff are positions that can be filled at the new location of Jacklyn Rose Studios. Those interested can email Jacklyn.

When Will The New Location At Jacklyn Rose Studio Open?

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The doors of this new building will open in the Fall of 2022. Updates can be found on the social media accounts of the business.

Jacklyn Rose Studios

105 Ward St, Montgomery, NY 12549

Do you know of a new business in the Hudson Valley? Are they hiring? Share with us below.

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