There is a new service for dog owners who are traveling. Now on the New York Thruway there are little air conditioned dog houses called DogSpots located at 10 different stops. There is a company named DogSpot who has small plastic 'huts' or houses that dog parents can put their dogs into for a few minutes while you are traveling.

Consider this situation. You are traveling with your dog and it is hot outside. You need to use the bathroom. You can't bring your dog with you into the travel center and you can't leave your dog in the car because it is too hot.

These DogSpots have a window so the dogs can see out, they are air-conditioned, and have an interior puppy-cam which you can watch the pup with on your smart phone. There is even an ultraviolet light that kills viruses and bacteria between uses. The cost? 30 cents a minute.

For more information and a look at what one of these DogSpots look like, check it out here.

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