The extreme flu season isn't just hitting humans across the country. Dogs are suffering too. Especially in nine states that have seen a recent outbreak, including New York and Pennsylvania. shows a map of dog influenza outbreaks across the U.S. All the states in red are where the recent outbreaks have occurred.

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Dog Flu Symptoms

Symptoms are similar to humans - coughing, sneezing, eye and nose discharge, fever, lethargy, and trouble breathing.

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How do dogs catch the flu? A lot like humans do, according to  Dr. Jess Fejes, Medical Director at the Veterinary Emergency Group.

"It’s going to be somewhat specific, based on region and what they are exposed to, but, generally, dogs exposed to a lot of other dogs, dogs in doggie day care, boarding, things like that," Dr. Fejes told Fox 29.

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Dog Vaccines

There are limited treatment options after a dog is already infected. But there is a preventative vaccine. Not every dog needs the vaccine, but if a dog is social, it’s something an owner might want to consider.

Pet owners can still ensure their pooch stays safe this flu season without a vaccine. Since the viruses spread through the air, social places like dog parks can be risky for man's best friend and should be avoided during the outbreak.

The American Veterinary Medical Association says this is a relatively new disease in dogs. But very few will die from it.

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