Finding new and unique things to do around the Hudson Valley is hard to come by in these uncertain times.

With some of our favorite local businesses closing around the Valley, seeing a brand spanking new business open is a breath of fresh air.

A new Escape Room is coming to Dutchess County this fall.

According to a Facebook post, Escape Time Adventures will be planting their roots in Wappingers. The post explained that Escape Time Adventure is a professionally owned and operated "high-quality" escape room.

When Escape Time Adventure opens up the Hudson Valley will have access to 3 new escape rooms: The Lost Tomb, Dragons Curse and Voodoo Swamp.

The Lost Tomb looks a lot like that 90s show on Nickelodeon "Legends of The Hidden Temple." The Tomb has 3 chambers you must navigate through with the 60 minutes you are given. Dragons Curse has 2 chambers plus magic wants and Voodoo Swamp (which sounds the spookiest) has 3 chambers and involves stopping the "old swamp witch" Blackwater Hattie.

We are so excited to bring our original games to our own hometown and make this incredible entertainment experience available to you all!
Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime that's safe, challenging, immersive, and fun?

Taking on the challenge of an escape room is a fun activity to do with friends and family and can also be used as an interactive team-building experience.

Escape Time Adventure is said to be opening at some point in September and is located at 939 Route 376, Suite 2, in Wappingers Falls.

For more details on the Escape Rooms and booking options, you can visit their website or give them a call at 845-797-5628.

Escape Time Adventure is the newest Escape Room in the Hudson Valley as they join Headless Horseman in Ulster County and Escape the Mystery Room in Middletown as the only escape rooms in our neighborhood.


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