Recently, the Hudson Valley has welcomed new businesses.

In Dutchess County, NY local residents will soon be able to enjoy Brazilian and Ukrainian flavors with a new storefront opening.

In Orange County, NY a previous bank was replaced by a delicious upgrade of a new business featuring wood fired pizzas, smoothies, coffees and more. A new wellness sanctuary has also brightened up Orange County, NY.

Residents of Putnam County, NY welcomed a new business, an Australian style cafe. Meanwhile, Ulster County, NY residents now have a new gourmet grocery store to visit.

When Can Foodies Visit The Hudson Valley's Newest Gourmet Grocery Store?

The Hudson Valley's newest gourmet grocery store has opened in Kingston, NY. This location was previously Tony's Pizza.

While guests may not be getting pizza in the same location, they can look forgot to the unique and diverse food options available on site.

Fletcher & Lu Opens In Ulster County, NY

Fletcher & Lu is a specialty grocery store located on Broadway in Kingston, NY. They shared their business hours on their website from Wednesday through Saturday from 11am until 7pm.

Fletcher & Lu is excited to bring "old-world traditions of "traiteur-charcuterie" to Ulster County, NY. 

They will focus on,

"sausages, pâtés, artisan cheeses, fresh pasta, rotisserie chickens, smoked fish, prepared & carefully selected goods."

Their offerings change on a daily basis.

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What Is Available To Purchase At Fletcher & Lu's In Kingston, NY?

Fletcher & Lu has a wide variety to choose from in their gourmet grocery store.

They shared,

"We are soup to nuts, head to tail, reuse & recycle: driven by the seasons and conditions of our surrounding area."


"In addition to a core commitment of whole animal use, our butchery is raised by regional farms - sharing consideration for the ecology of the pastures in which the stock is raised."

Fletcher & Lu explained that their baked goods are homemade with stone ground flour which comes from the Finger Lakes, NY. Their tasty vegetables are locally grown in the Hudson Valley.

Fletcher & Lu provide fresh sausages, local and imported cheeses, pickles and preserves along with pasta and sauces, cold cuts and dry cured meats and more.

Beer and cider made in the Hudson Valley is also for sale on site.

Those who visit Fletcher & Lu can plan to grab goodies for stocking their pantry, dinner options, providing for guests and more.

How Do Hudson Valley Residents Feel About Fletcher & Lu Opening In Kingston, NY?

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

In different social media groups, Hudson Valley residents were eager to share their opinions about the Hudson Valley's newest gourmet grocery store, Fletcher & Lu in Kingston, NY.

The following comments are from The Ulster County Eateries Facebook group.

"Ordered from Fletcher and Lu tonight. It might be the best Pastrami this side of the 5 boroughs. Rillettes were top notch as well.




"I noticed that place yesterday when I was at Yasuda and I was wondering what it was"


"Broadway Kingston. Where Tony’s pizza used to be"


"That name though."

Where is your favorite grocery store in the Hudson Valley? Will you visit the Hudson Valley's newest addition? Tell us more below.

Fletcher & Lu

582 Broadway, Suite #2

Kingston, NY

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Adams Fairacre Farms Hosted An Event At Their Town Of Wallkill, NY Location

I was excited to attend an event at the new location of Adams Fairacre Farms located in the Town of Wallkill, NY. Excited Hudson Valley residents attended this event to see the new location firsthand. 

Adams Fairacre Farms had samples available for guests to try things along with a cash bar. Guests were also able to go grocery shopping, explore the nursery and chat with employees of Adams Fairacre Farms.

Moving forward, Adams Fairacre Farms has great giveaways. From June 16, 2023- June 29, 2023 guests can participate by signing up to win. There are $2.11 specials to celebrate Adams' newest location in the Town of Wallkill, NY.

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