Our neighbors are taking the bag ban one step further. Will New York decide to keep up soon enough?

There have been a ton of new regulations that have hit grocery stores over the past 7 months. There have been so many that it's easy forget about the big one that hit us right before the pandemic.

According to the DEC, the plastic bag ban hit New York bag in March but it has felt like years for some of us. How many times have you gone to the store and forgot your reusable bag? It's still happening to me almost a half a year later. Thankfully, most stores allow you to purchase a paper bag for a small fee if you forget you personal bag. How much longer could that be the case?

According to NJ.com,  the state of New Jersey has passed legislation to take extra steps to help slow down plastic and paper bag use. NJ.com also reports that there will be an 18 month grace period. After that time business could face a fine for violating the new rules.

As of right now paper bags are allowed along with reusable bags and biodegradable here in New York but could we see a change within the next year or two? Will New York be the next state to ditch paper bags as well?

Only time will tell.

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