There has been much discussion over the last few years about commercial traffic on the Hudson River. A Coast Guard proposal to add places for these large ships to anchor, was met with swift disapproval. Now, a new law will make it even harder to sacrifice the environment for commercial gain.

Hudson Valley One reports the law will give New York State more power to intervene should the Coast Guard look to place these anchorages in places that would affect quality of life, for people and wildlife alike. While the law doesn't outlaw these hubs, but it sure does make it more difficult to place them in sensitive locations.

There are currently two such anchorages in the Hudson, reports Hudson Valley One, that includes Yonkers and Hyde Park. The additional proposed locations were Newburgh, Port Ewen, Milton, Highland and Kingston. Each would have been able to accommodate more than 40 barges at a time.

The Hudson River is becoming an increasingly important route to transport crude oil. The supply originate in North Dakota and must make it to refineries in New Jersey before hitting the market.