The Hudson Valley provides residents and those who visit with a variety of experiences. Locally owned businesses take pride in their establishments and those who stop by.

Whether its a place that has our favorite meal, locally owned goods, or somewhere enjoyable to hang out, there's something for everyone.

Residents of Dutchess County, NY were Shocked When They Saw the Announcement on Social Media

Casa Mexico in Hopewell Junction made an important announcement. They were sad to inform the community that they were stepping away from the business. Loyal customers also shared on social media, how they were upset to see their favorite restaurant close.

However, This Local Business is Handing it Over to a New Family.

Casa Mexico stated that they enjoyed their time, and were thankful for all of the customers and their support. They introduced the new owners of Casa Mexico. The Rendon-Flores family will be serving the community's favorite meals and even providing new ones for all to enjoy.

According to Casa Mexico's social media post, they said that the Rendon-Flores family plans to open in September of 2022.

How will the community know when Casa Mexico will reopen?

Be sure to follow the new owners, the Rendon-Flores Family on social media @casamexico845.

Over the past couple of months, other local businesses have closed such as Duffy's in Montgomery, Java Jo's in Middletown and Olympic Diner in Kingston is closing.

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