Professor Cookie, a late night cookie delivery service based in New Paltz, is about to take things to the next level by expanding to a physical storefront location on Main Street.

The service has been in operation for about 2 years now, offering fresh, hot cookie deliveries to the New Paltz area.  Menu items include traditional chocolate chip, M&M, sugar, cinnamon sugar, Reese's, and vegan chocolate chip.  Cookies can be ordered as individuals, or bundles of 8.

Photo Credit: Professor Cookie
Photo Credit: Professor Cookie

Professor Cookie owner, Ilya, started the business out of his kitchen, and is now expanding into an actual store, located at 56 Main Street in New Paltz.  When asked why he was planning the expansion, he explained that he could no longer do it out of his home kitchen anymore.

If I wanted the business to grow properly, and also there's a lot of opportunity with the late night bar crowds.  But, delivery will still be a huge pillar of the business, it'll get better with the store.

When asked about what other plans he has for the store aside from cookies, customers can expect ice cream and milk to be on the menu.  Outside of food though, Ilya is working on shaping the space.

I do want local artists being able to have their art on the wall for sale/display and maybe play classic cartoons on a TV somewhere.

Details about the official opening date are still being determined, and will be posted here once they become available.  You can also follow along on facebook for more information.