Halloween and the Hudson Valley go hand in hand. We have haunted hotels, Haunted Hay Ride and so many other spooky attractions why would you ever spend anywhere else?

It is hard to pick just one event to attend on Halloween. You could spend it trick or treating or you could even try one of the Hudson Valley's favorite Haunted attractions like Headless Horseman Hay Rides, Blaze, Peace Love, and Pumpkins at Bethel or you could plan to be at the biggest event of all. The New Paltz Halloween Parade.

When is the New Paltz Halloween Parade?

The New Paltz Rotary Club announced on social media this week that the New Paltz Halloween Parade is a go. Once again this annual celebration of not only everything Ghoulish but also full of family fun will be heading down Main Street in New Paltz on October 31st, 2022. Lead from the Middle School uptown by the band playing the Addam's Family Theme Hundreds upon hundreds of ghost goblins and other scary creatures will head to the old Fire House.

This entertaining celebration of all things Halloween had to miss a year because of COVID like so many other cool events but then made it back just in time for last year's big parade. If you thought 2021 was something get ready for Halloween 2022 in New Paltz.

The Parade is set to step off at 5:30 PM on October 31st from the New Paltz Middle School

Halloween Going Back over 100 Years Oh How Things Have Changed

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