Now, a follow-up on a story we told you about back in June.  Would New Paltz continue free parking on Sunday’s in the downtown.  The village board has been dealing with this issue, part of it, a way to help with a revenue shortfall.  Finally, after public hearings and much discussion a decision has been made.

According to an article online with the New Paltz Times, the New Paltz Village Board voted to amend the local law to add parking meters Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 6pm.  Residents will have until from 12am to 1pm on Sunday to park for free in the village.

There were several factors that lead to using the later time period.  The local churches were worried it would affect their Sunday morning services.  Also, the village board was concerned about drunk driving.  Tons of people Saturday night, leave their cars parked in the village until they sober up on Sunday morning.

There was discussion, on raising the ticket fines from $10 to $20, but that wasn’t part of the new law.  Right now, there is no change in fine rates.  When will the new Sunday parking rules go into effect? The office of New York Secretary of State has to confirm the local law has been accepted for filling.  Which would be anywhere from two weeks to a month.