I remember going to school every day and never getting enough sleep. I would wake up groggy in the morning, and I'd end up sleeping on the bus, during lunch, even during my classes. (Not the important classes, though. Just stuff like math and science.)

I wasn't the only one who had trouble staying awake in school, and now it looks like the New Paltz Central School District is starting to recognize that. In fact, they're starting to explore the idea of rerouting their entire bus schedule and starting the school day later so they can give kids more time to sleep in the morning.

Apparently, just by switching the bus schedule around, they could get kids an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning. The goal is to get that up to 45 minutes. That may not sound like a ton of time, but trust me, every extra minute spent sleeping when you're a kid is a victory. Heck, every extra minute I get to sleep as an adult is still a victory.

Do you think New Paltz is making the right move here? If you can't make up your mind, maybe you should sleep on it. (Ba-dum, ba!)