Scams are unfortunately nothing new in the Hudson Valley or the surrounding New York area. Luckily, law enforcement is working hard to stay one step ahead of the criminals looking to make a score.

This week, New York State Police (NYSP) are warning residents about a new "sophisticated" scam targeting property owners in the state. Authorities also warn that the fraud, which could lead to homeowners suddenly losing their property, could be part of a larger scheme.

Map of New York State
New York State Police are warning residents about a sophisticated real estate scam (Google/Canva)

New "Sophisticated" Real Estate Scam in New York State

"Troopers have learned of a new sophisticated scam and want the public to be aware", began a recent Facebook post from the NYSP. The scam, which involves both identity theft and fraud, nearly cost a New York resident their property.

Attempted Real Estate Scam in Otsego County, NY

The incident, which happened in upstate New York in Otsego County, began with a stolen identity of a local property owner. The criminal then used a fake New Jersey driver's license to pose as owner and sell the property. Luckily, a quick-thinking realtor was able to but a stop to the fraud before it was completed (below).

Online vs. In-Person Scams in New York

The insidious nature of the crime is a stark contrast to other, more direct attempts by scammers to separate New Yorkers form their money. In-person solicitations of discount driveway paving, for instance, may only cost duped homeowners hundreds of dollars instead of entire property deeds. Fighting in-person scams is easier as well thanks to this quick tool.

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Anyone who believes they have already fallen victim to a similar property scam is urged to contact local authorities immediately, as police believe the attempt in Otsego County may not be an isolated incident. Check out New York's five most common crimes below.

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