A brand new sub shop has opened its doors in Ulster County, and it doesn't appear to be another chain restaurant.

Kingston has a lot of great places to eat, and a new sub shop is the latest eatery to arrive in the area. According to a posting in the Ulster Eateries United Facebook Group, Paulie Boy Hero Shop has opened in the Kingston Plaza.

Cody Lynch took to the Facebook group on Thursday to say,

"Stopped in at Paulie Boy Hero Shop today for the soft opening. Kingston Beef Sandwich was excellent. Super soft bread, tender beef, Swiss and the mysterious tiger sauce. Yummy. Thanks Nick"

Upon seeing the social media post and doing a search of Paulie Boy Hero Shop, the eatery doesn't appear to be a chain restaurant like a Subway or a Jersey Mike's, both popular franchises. Paulie Boy Hero Shop apparently only has one, new location in the Kingston Plaza. I couldn't find a website for the business on a Google search other than the Paulie Boy Hero Shop logo on the Kingston Plaza website along with the many other numerous businesses in the popular plaza. The plaza is home to a Hanaford, Herzog's Home and Paint Center, Walgreens, Advance Auto Parts, Health Quest, and many more. I was able to find a Paulie Boy Hero Shop Facebook page while doing a search, but no information was really there other than the business phone number. The business is still brand new, so I'm sure in time it will have more of a social media presence, in the meantime if you're in the Kingston area stopover at Kinston Plaza (151 Plaza Rd) and check out Paulie Boy Hero Shop.

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