The Hudson Valley will soon welcome a new place to enjoy wine, food and live music.

three glass of white red and rose wine with dim light in wooden restaurant table with a grape background
Jean-philippe WALLET

This time last year things seemed pretty unsure for the local bar and restaurant industry. We've seen a lot of businesses close their doors for good so it's refreshing to see a local business open their doors to share their delicious drinks and food to help bring the community together.

People love wine in America and studies have proven this. According to the Wine Institute, America's wine consumption has grown every year since 2014. As of last year the numbers show that the average household in the United States consumes about 3 gallons of wine per year. That's about a billion gallons all over the country. There's room for more in the Hudson Valley.

It's about to get a little bit tastier in Beacon. Reserva Wine Bar plans to open their doors very soon. You may see a familiar face inside this new bar as it's another venture for the owner of the Crafted Kup, Tanner Townsend.

According to their website, Reserva Wine Bar will offer a hand-curated wine list, delicious snacks, and live music.

They plan to officially open the doors of their 173 Main Street location this fall.

We'll update you with any more details we receive. Be on the lookout for Beacon's newest hot spot.

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