You may have noticed some new DJ's on the air on WRRV over the past few weeks and months. It's time to introduce you to the new daily line-up.

Nick Kessler was the first of the new additions, he joins us from Albany and has taken the reins daily with Brandi on the WRRV Morning Grind. Nick has been happy to share his tips on how to get views on YouTube if you're looking for advice.

PJ is our new mid-day host, you may recognize him from numerous Hudson Valley kareoke nights and other DJ events. Maybe he's even DJ'd your wedding, because he's good like that. PJ's first event with us was the recent HV Cider Festival.

And finally, Mike@Nite has extensive radio experience in the area. We were able to steal him from one of our sister stations and also hosts the Filmbook podcast. If you've ever been out to WRRV Sessions, you've probably seen/met Mike. He's a huge music and movie buff by the way.

Brandi and I, being the longest tenured at the station, are very appreciative of all your continued support. Much thanks also goes out to both McCarthy and Fuzzy who have helped hold down the fort as we've made the transition to the new line-up.

  • 6-10 AM - The WRRV Morning Grind with Brandi & Nick
  • 10-3 PM - WRRV Mid-days with PJ
  • 3-7 PM - Simon in the Afternoon
  • 7-midnight - Mike@Nite