A New York based company has been named America's favorite grocery chain, but you won't find many of them around here. What will it take for Wegmans to expand to the Hudson Valley?

Wegman's is based in Rochester and has nearly 100 stores spread out over six states. Most of their stores in New York are upstate, but they just announced a new location in Westchester County. Founded in 1916 they are steadily expanding their footprint as their growth continues. To this day, the company remains family owned and operated.

According to PackagedFacts.com, a leading source of consumer research, Wegmans had annual sales of $7.9 billion spread out over 97 stores while number two on the list Trader Joes had sales of 11.3 billion. An impressive number but when you consider the fact they have 400 stores, Wegman's is getting more bang for their buck.

So what do you think, where should they put a Wegman's in the Mid-Hudson Valley?

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