Do you know what won't be swift? Getting a job after graduation if your major is in all things related to Taylor Swift.

College is a fun time. It's not exactly the easiest years of your life, but it could certainly be the most memorable. Your college years are supposed to be when you question everything, discover who you are, and possibly get some idea of what you want to do with the rest of your life.

According to Best Colleges, some of the most popular majors right now are business, health, social services, engineering, and sciences. Those courses can open doors to a variety of career fields once you graduate. If you want to run Taylor Swift's fan club, then NYU may have just created the perfect class for you.

People reports that New York University's Clive Davis Institute plans to launch a new class dedicated to Taylor Swift for the Spring Semester. I guess it's not exactly one big fan fest. The course is said to showcase Swift's impact on society and pop culture.

I'm not sure if they will be taking students to a concert for a field trip, but they may try to get Taylor as a guest lecturer.

As strange as this sounds, it is not the first class dedicated to a singer or celebrity. Apparently, they already offer courses in Paul McCartney and Joni Mitchell. Maybe they offer similar courses to students at colleges in the Hudson Valley. What's the strangest elective you've ever seen in a college catalog?

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