The alleged cult based in upstate New York may be finally coming to an end after its founder was arrested and now faces sex trafficking charges.

Many people have thought that the group, NXIVM, headquartered in the Capital Region of New York has fit the criteria of being a cult for years. Is proof of that finally coming to light?

Based on NXIVM's website, they claim to be a humanitarian community that empowers its members. In October, former female members of NXIVM who were able to leave the group leaked stories that got national attention. They stated that several females were forced to give nude photographs and compromising information to male leaders of NXIVM. Many claimed to be victims of physical abuse as well and in some cases were branded. The brand that says "KR" could reference it's founder.

According to the New York Times, shortly after these stories were leaked in October the founder, Keith Raniere moved to Mexico where he has been living for the last five months. He was recently arrested and faces sex trafficking charges according to Newsweek for forcibly having intercourse with several female members of NXIVM.

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