July tends to be the hottest month, and people are cranking those air conditioners. Make you wonder how much energy we used up in New York, as well as the cost when compared to the rest of the country.

Energy costs will eat up between five and twenty percent of a families' income, with Americans with lower incomes paying the highest of that range. Of course, that's how it works out, I'm sure your eyes are rolling like mine. Lower energy prices don't necessarily translate into savings. Where you live and how much energy you use is a big part of the equation.

A recent study was conducted to determine the most and least energy-expensive states. For this study, the data compared the total monthly energy bills in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our analysis uses a special formula that accounts for the following residential energy types: electricity, natural gas, motor fuel, and home heating oil.

New York was listed as one of the least energy-expensive states. We were listed as the tenth least energy-expensive state. One of our neighbors was listed as the most expensive, sorry Connecticut. Don't get too cocky Massachusetts, you were listed as the third most expensive. So at least we're better than our neighbors.

Here's the breakdown for New York:

Energy Costs & Consumption in New York:

  • Avg. Monthly Energy Bill: $303
  • 8th – Price of Electricity
  • 49th – Electricity Consumption per Consumer
  • 17th – Price of Natural Gas
  • 8th – Natural-Gas Consumption per Consumer
  • 14th – Price of Motor Fuel
  • 49th – Motor-Fuel Consumption per Driver

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