New York remains the best state for teachers despite some of the hardships that teachers may have had to face over the last year.

The past two years have not been easy for anyone. Many careers have gone through struggles since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Some industries are crumbling, some are getting better and some of flourishing. Teaching remains to be a good career path if if you live in the state of New York.

Up until the coronavirus pandemic and the 2 week quarantine many people took teachers for granted. It took two weeks of homeschooling to show parents that not everyone is meant to be a teacher.

Being a teacher is no easy task and I'm not saying it is without its flaws. What makes the Empire State the best for teachers?

Wallethub ranked each state from greatest to the worst for teachers. According Wallethub, New York was the top state for academic instructors.

How was the winner chosen?

A few things they measured was salaries, income growth, pension, competition, total enrollment and tenure.

According to the list, New York has the highest paid teaching salaries that are adjusted to the cost of living. New York also had one of the lowest teacher turnover rates in the nation.

Another benefits that teachers have is that Wallethub reports that public schools in New York have higher budgets than other states and spend more than any other.

The worst state foe teacher according to the list is not far away geographically. It was New Hampshire.

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