As the NFL season approaches, players and coaches prepare for the long season on the gridiron ahead. And while some experts may have questioned the New York Jets' chances for a Super Bowl run this year, one rookie has already gained attention for a unique cause. And it all stems from his peculiar nickname and love of a popular condiment.

You'll be able to try some of the condiment at locations across the Hudson Valley.

The Sauce is Here

Ahmed 'Sauce' Gardner is a rookie cornerback, who was drafted 4th overall by the Jets out of the University of Cincinnati. Gardner was given his nickname at the age of 6, not only for his ability on the field but for his love of dipping sauces. Now, Sauce has teamed up with a popular restaurant chain known for its many various sauces. USA Today calls it the "perfect pairing".

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USA reports that Sauce Gardner has teamed with Buffalo Wild Wings to create his own dip aptly called "Sauce Sauce". Gardner told USA TODAY Sports' Jets Wire that the flavor is "...a smoky, sweet and spicy barbecue." Gardner, who is obviously an expert on the topic hence his nickname, calls the sauce at B-Dubs "the best in the game".

Where in the Area Can You Find It? 

Buffalo Wild Wings has Hudson Valley locations in Wappingers Falls, Newburgh, Kingston, Middletown, Nanuet, White Plains, as well as Danbury.

Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wi
Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wi

The Jets Are Killing Me! 

Going into 2022, the Jets have a franchise record of 414 wins, 527 losses, and 8 ties. In spite of Joe Namath's "miracle" prediction, and the team's Super Bowl III championship, the Jets have only made the post season 14 times, with the last being the 2010 season.

Sadly, the Jets have endured a lot of painful seasons. Was it too much for one poor Jets fan to take back in 2020? His family half-jokingly seems to think so. Or was it really a joke? says that the family of 85-year-old Jets fan Edward Michael Mazur decided to have a little fun when they placed his obituary in Newsday. The obituary read that Mazur passed on cause he just couldn't take watching another Jets game. It stated:

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend, drew his last breath on December 9, 2020, mainly, we suspect, to avoid having to watch another Jets game.


Man Blames Drunk Driving on Team

People really are down on the Jets and have been for a while. In 2018, one fan even blamed the team's poor play for getting pulled over while allegedly drunk. A Bills fan recently went so far as to paint his entire house his team's colors just to annoy a Jets fan who lived next door. Then, you have various injuries, suspensions, bad trades, and mismanagement through the years.

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