They say you usually end up finding the things you've misplaced when you're not actually looking for them. For one 62 year-old man, who was just minding his own business Wednesday, this wasn't something  he ever wanted to find. And it was right in the room of his home.

It all started Wednesday afternoon when police say a prisoner escaped police custody in Sunset Park. CBS says the escapee ran down the block, and was hopping fences, before finding his way into Terry Pierson's Brooklyn home by way of a cracked door. That's where he decided to hide, by covering himself with a sheet near a weaving machine.

Pierson was watching TV and sipping on some scotch Wednesday night, according to the Gothamist. That's when he noticed an odd lump under the sheet.

I grabbed my flashlight, moved the sheet and there’s a face looking back at me.

Authorities were still on the hunt for the escaped suspect, when Pierson said he ran to his backdoor and yelled outside that he was in his home. CBS says that police ran in to catch the suspect, only to force him out of the residency. That's when he was caught by waiting police, according to witnesses.

Pierson was lucky. Seems the escaped man was in his home for some time.

He's been sitting beyond my living room chair where I've been sitting for the last three hours under a dust covered sheet for a piece of furniture.

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