Who couldn't use some kind words thrown their way these days but am I the only one who thinks it's odd that you have to pay for them?

Everyone loves a good and sincere compliment. I take that back. The compliment doesn't need to be sincere at all. I'll take anything I can get these days. Lie to me and just tell me what I want to hear. If you want to take a second and give me some kinds encouraging words I'll take that too.

I'll take a fake compliment or even some kind words and they don't need to be sincere but one thing I refuse to do is pay for it.

According to Mashable, a pizzeria in Brooklyn is offering kind and comforting words with a customers order. For just $1 more you can have a hot and fresh pizza delivered to your door and the driver will look you in eye and read a scripted message stating that everything's going to be okay.

I love the idea of giving a stranger some nice encouraging words but what a strange thing to offer. I think I have less problems with the fact that it's offered as much as I have a problem with it being sold. Shouldn't businesses be giving you compliments and kind words already for just supporting them and keeping them open? People don't support local restaurants for praise but if you're going to be giving customers compliments you might as well be handing them out for free.

Is this a new service that might catch on at other restaurants? I hope so. This could make my sad and lonely trips to Hooters a heck of a lot brighter.


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