Recently there was a news story making its way around social media, that a great place to keep your valuables, (things like your important papers, documents, etc.) was in this appliance, for safe keeping.

I had heard that there was an alternative use for your top loading washing machine, as a drink cooler. You fill your washing machine with ice and beverages (no glass) and then when you are done with your event, you can pull the beverages out and put your washing machine on a spin cycle to get the water out of the tub. No, I haven't tried it.

Which appliance is the one that you can put your valuables in?


Apparently, it is your dishwasher. I have put important documents in the freezer, yes, don't ask its a family thing, but the dishwasher? If you don't use it to wash your dishes, it might be a great idea. Think about it. It is water tight, and has a lock feature. If your house floods there is a good chance that the documents won't get wet, but how easy is it for someone to accidentally turn your dishwasher on? 

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What should you do with those important papers? Keep a copy of everything on a flash drive and take it with you, should you have to evacuate your home, in any situation. Do you have any other tips to help homeowners keep their important documents safe?

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