New York is doing pretty good when it comes to social distancing.

Social distancing is the new normal in the Hudson Valley, New York State, the U.S., and pretty much the world. Most people are doing what they can to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect themselves and others. Social distancing is a pretty easy way to do so. In case you don't know, social distancing is standing at least six feet apart from people you do not live with. You don't need to stand six feet apart from your husband or wife, from your kids that live with you, or from anyone who lives with you. Your neighbor? Stay six feet apart. A grandparent who lives in the town over? Stay six feet apart. Friends or co-workers? Stay six feet apart.

According to TOP Agency, New Yorkers grasp the concept of social distancing pretty well. New York State ranked number 7 out of all fifty states. The average New Yorker has 39.2% of their normal interactions that they would normally have. That means their usual interactions with people have dropped down to almost 40%. New Yorkers have just under 4 interactions a day.

Currently, California is ranked number 1 for social distancing. Areas like the South and Great Plains have become lax in their social distancing and TOP Agency warns they could become a future hotspot.

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