This guy must have horrible aim. Police say a man was treated at a state hospital for gunshot wounds Wednesday afternoon. What had exactly happened here? Who shot this poor man, and why? Well, after an investigation, police determined that the person who shot this man was actually himself. You could say, in this case, he's really his own worst enemy.

WENY reports that the incident happened Wednesday afternoon when law enforcement responded to reports that the 39-year-old was being treated for gunshot injuries. After an interview, the Elmira Drug Enforcement Unit learned that this bozo had somehow shot himself by accident. WENY says that officials served a search warrant at the man's home and found a number guns and $6,000 cash. Police then arrested the man and charged him with Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Reckless Endangerment.

It's been quite a wild summer for bizarre crime stories across the area. In June, police say a garbage bag full of weed came raining down from the sky onto a sidewalk in one New York neighborhood. Investigators say a drug deal gone bad is to blame for the curious case of "green rain" in Sunset Park. News 12 says the meeting took place June 1 on a rooftop over 8th Avenue. Police say one of the potential customers turned on the seller and pulled a gun. Then, they allegedly attacked the victim, grabbed the big bag full of weed, and then threw it over the nearby rooftop onto the sidewalk. Surveillance footage shows the trash bag full of weed falling to the area near the street below, with the crop scattering in every direction upon impact. No sooner did it land, three men can be seen gathering parts of the stash, and quickly running off with it like it was Christmas morning. A fourth man can be seen emerging from off-camera, and following the gang as they make their way out.

Legal Sales of Marijuana in New York Will Likely Take Years

Sorry to ruin your high. Despite lawmakers reaching a deal to legalize pot across New York lawmakers say it's gonna be a long time before sales start. Here's why. 

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