When I saw the flashing lights and burning flares, I knew something bad had happened. It was 8am, the peak of rush hour, and I was approaching the entrance ramp to the Mid-Hudson Bridge. As I got closer my face dropped: there were police cruisers blocking the entrance. The bridge was closed.

Mid-Hudson Bridge Closure

What happened? I had no idea. I only knew what laid in front of me: a 2-plus hour drive back down to Newburgh to try my luck at another bridge. Imagine my frustration when I found out that it all could have been avoided with a few simple mouse clicks (or finger taps) to set up safety alerts in New York State's Mass Notification System.

bongkarn thanyakij/Canva
bongkarn thanyakij/Canva

New York State Mass Notification System

The notification system is helpful in that it covers a wide range of information. From their website:

Receive notifications on severe weather, transportation, AMBER and missing children, consumer protection, public health and sex offender re-location.

Obviously, the one that stuck out to me after the ordeal at the bridge was transportation alerts, but you can decide which types of alerts you want to receive, so you're only getting the notifications that concern you. You also have the ability to choose how to receive them, by either email, text, or a phone call. Believe it or not, there's even an option to get a fax. You can enroll here, but if you're a little more tech savvy, there's a local option to help you out, too.

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Do you have the WRRV app yet? Sign up above, but similarly to New York State notifications, you can pick and choose which notifications you want to receive. There's safety-related alerts like breaking news and weather alerts, but it's also your inside information on when to call in for contests, when our next WRRV Sessions event is announced, and even how to request a song or send an audio message to the studio.

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