Have you ever been asked to stop reading? Seriously, stop reading. Can you do it? If you have been reading since you were young it could be a challenge for you. This isn't asking you to just not pick up a book or computer for a day.

This challenge is one that is asking you to not read anything. Why are you being challenged to not read for an entire day? There is a reason behind the challenge, keep reading to find out what this is all about. 

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What is the New York Stop Reading Challenge?

stack of books on the shelf

The New York Stop Reading Challenge is to make people aware how while it might be second nature for you to read, that it isn't always the case for others. In fact, that is what the challenge is all about. Try not to read, even for 5 minutes. Can you do it?

Who is behind this Stop Reading Challenge?


This challenge has been put down by the New York Literacy group. They challenge you to try to not read for 5 minutes, and when you fail, they ask you to share a picture of what you accidentally read on social media, and to donate $5 to help literacy programs across the State of New York.

There are also events taking place across the state during the month of September. The event will be taking place for the Hudson Valley Region on 9/20/22 at the Poughkeepsie
City Hall, 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

Looking for more books to attempt to not read? Here are some great places to find those reads, independent book sellers across the state 

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