This new challenge kids are doing could be one of the worst ones yet.

A new challenge is sweeping social media and police are warning kids to stay away from it.

According to the New York Post, kids are staging their own disappearances for two days while racking up points for every news broadcast and social media post.

There seems to have only been a few reports of this happening so far and it is unsure if it is a hoax or not but either  way law enforcement wants parents and teachers to be fully aware of this sick and twisted game.

Last year we got to see the Tide Pod challenge the condom challenge, the hot water challenge, the 24-hour challenge and even the "In My Feelings Challenge" which I completed by jumping out of a moving car and dancing before hopping back in.

Of all the past YouTube challenges, this one just seems far more sinister. There's no gag with it. It just blatantly disregards your loved one's feelings.

Child abduction should not be taken as a joke. Please let your kids know the seriousness of participating in this challenge.

If I tried this challenge when I was younger and went missing for two days my parents would be so angry they would have made me wish I would have stayed missing.

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