You won't believe what a woman found behind a mirror in her New York City apartment. It's straight out of a horror movie.

Samantha Hartsoe felt cold air blowing from somewhere in her bathroom. In a 4 part "A New York City Mystery” on TikTok, she discovers the air is coming from the mirror over her sink. When she removes it, she finds a giant hole. "There's a room back there," Hartsoe said.

Needing answers, Hartsoe decides to see what's behind the creepy hole. "I have to go in and find out what’s on the other side of my bathroom. What if someone’s living in there?”

Armed with a hammer for protection and flashlight strapped to her head to see, Hartsoe crawls through the hole in her bathroom wall. What she finds is an another apartment on the other side, filled with trash bags, a toilet that's just sitting in the middle of a room and a random half drank bottle of water.

"My landlord is getting a really fun call tomorrow," Hartsoe says after crawling back to the safety of her own apartment.

The landlord may be getting more than ONE 'really fun call' after the videos quickly went viral, racking up millions of views around the world.

Hartsoe may not be alone. "I have that same exact sink, that same exact mirror, that same exact vent, and the same exact floor," Winston Schmidt said on TikTok. "That empty apartment she went into looks exactly like my neighbors."

Schmidt refused to remove the mirror at night, while she was home alone. She did say "It's time to move out of New York City."

Forget Kelsea Ballerini's Hole in the Bottle....

There's a hole in the bathroom
Leakin' all this air
It's a little creepy, it's giving me a scare
Honey, I need to have the answers
And know what lives behind
The hole in the bathroom of mine

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