Like most people, I had no idea that Christmas candy was even a thing. My curiosity soon led to shock as I quickly discovered that New York has the worst taste in candy this time of the year.

When I think of Christmas candy I go straight to candy canes. I don't think there is any other Christmas specific candy. However, a lot of candy companies make holiday themes for their big candy products. Holiday sweets are are at the op of the list for gift ideas every year.

Candy Store, has released a map of the countries favorite candy by state during the month of December.

New York's top candy in December is red and green Skittles. Really? How can feel the holiday cheer by only tasting half of a rainbow? Other favorites around country was the candy cane, Hershey Kisses, Christmas theme Pez and reindeer corn. i wasn't sure what reindeer corn was but sadly it's just red and green candy corn. I know, gross.

How didn't Jolly Ranchers win over Skittles? Get it? Jolly.

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Don't forget that December 26 is National Candy Cane Day. Be sure to eat them up.