A local delicacy is exactly what you need this summer.

We all have our favorite local spot. Whether it's a massive restaurant you can see a mile away or a hole in the wall; local is always best. For me, one of my favorite local spots is a teeny tiny spot in Newburgh. It's called Tony's Newburgh Lunch. It's nothing flashy, nothing crazy, but one of my favorite places to eat in the Hudson Valley.

At Tony's Newburgh Lunch, you don't have a large menu. But you do have this amazing sauce called Newburgh Lunch Sauce. You've probably had some variation of the sauce before. It's like a Texas chili, a texas wiener sauce, a texas hot sauce, or any variation of the name. No matter what you call it, it's delicious. And in my opinion, Newburgh Lunch does it the best.

I realized I lived in ignorance when I thought everyone knew what Newburgh Lunch Sauce is. I was talking with some people here at the station about the best hot dog toppings when I brought it up. Someone had no idea what it was, and I needed to make sure EVERYONE knew what it was.

Newburgh Lunch Sauce can be put on literally anything. Hot dogs and burgers are the obvious choices, but the possibilities are endless. French fries? Yes. Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich? Yup! Grilled cheese?! YES! It is the condiment you never knew you needed. It's about to be the 4th of July weekend, so now is the perfect time to grab a bottle and try it out. And yes, they do sell jars of the sauce.

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