I just have to preface this by saying I have never personally had an issue in Newburgh but one website is not a fan when compared to other small cities across America. The biggest issue surprisingly had nothing to do with crime. We figured it would be bad but just how bad is it?

Wallethub recently released data gathered from a study and they determined Saratoga Springs was the 9th best small city in America.

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The methodology used to create the list was based off of things like safety, affordability, economy, physical health and quality of life. They make the judgement based on several things including housing costs, crime rates, education and people living in poverty.

Some might be shocked to see where Newburgh, New York landed on the list. Others might not be surprised at all. Other things aren't looking too good for Orange County this week. We found out earlier this week that Middletown, New York made the list and didn't score so well among other small cities in America.

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So how did Newburgh, New York do in this study?

Newburgh, New York is One Of The Worst Small Cities In America.

According to the same study, Newburgh, New York landed in the 27th percentile which was not that much worse than Middletown. What brought down Newburgh's score? It's not surprising that safety was a huge factor in bringing it down. It was the second biggest contributing factor. The issue that had the most impact was affordability.

Rent Cafe reports that renters in Newburgh pay an average of just over $2,000 for roughly 900 square feet. The median income is just over $50,000. This puts rent and mortgage costs at just over half of a Newburgh resident's salary.

The 10 Most Brutal Streets in Newburgh, New York

This list was compiled by crime maps on CrimeGrade.com.

Gallery Credit: Nick Kessler