The covid pandemic affected so much over the past two years. People, families, businesses, and it put a lot of traditions on hold. Celebrations had to wait, holidays were spent with a minimal number of people, and festivals and fundraisers couldn’t be held. At least, not in the ways we’re used to.

One of the things that didn’t happen over the past two years was the Newburgh Illuminated Festival, one of the biggest and best festivals in the area.

Newburgh Illuminated

Newburgh Illuminated was started to celebrate the history, diversity, and beauty of Newburgh, and it grew to be huge. It was always a great day where everyone in the community and beyond came together to celebrate with music, food, dance, and much more. And it’s back for 2022. That’s great news!

Newburgh Illuminated will be held on Saturday, June 4, from noon to 10 PM. There will be five outdoor music and performance stages set up in the Broadway/Liberty Street area of Newburgh, and over 125 local and regional vendors lined up and down Broadway. Food, craft, local makers, and other vendors will be showcasing their wares. Plus, children’s games and activities, historical tours, and a classic car and fashion show. All to celebrate Newburgh.

We're so glad to see the return of the Newburgh Illuminated Festival. It’s going to be a great day for Newburgh and for everyone who will be there celebrating, eating, playing, listening to music, and enjoying the great city that Newburgh is. For more information about the Newburgh Illuminated Festival on June 4, check out the Newburgh Illuminated website

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