There is nothing like loyalty and respect in a healthy relationship. They are attributes that help any form of companionship strive, especially in an intimate one. Another characteristic of a strong relationship; however, is humor, and this one instance at the mall at least had me in stitches.

Recently, I was at the Galleria Mall in Poughkeepsie getting a jump on some holiday shopping. I was over by the calendar kiosk close to Target picking out a planner for myself, along with looking for desk calendars for a couple of people. I happened to look towards the entrance of Target where I saw a couple holding hands as they exited the department store. The man carried at least three different bags on one arm, while the woman was carrying a Target bag in hers. If I had to guess, they were in their late twenties/early thirties. Cute couple.

portrait of a couple carrying bags of Christmas presents
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That was... until they passed through the sensors and the alarm went off. Without missing a beat, the man lets go of the woman’s hand, turns his head not to look at her, points at her, and walks far to the right of them. The local security guard and I started laughing as we watched the man desert his partner, leaving her in shock and awe as she yelled after him, “Babe?! What the hell?!” I watched as the security guard composed himself and went over to the lady. She showed all of her receipts and was allowed to go on her way. It was by that point the man reappeared and tried to regain her hand, but to no avail as she playfully chastised him. I don’t know, that man could’ve been sleeping on the couch that night! That, or had just found his way onto her naughty list!

People of the Hudson Valley, what would you do in this circumstance? Would you stick by your loved one, or would you pull a stunt like this? Let us know by texting in on our “Text Studio” option on the homepage!

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