I love football, I've been a Giant's fan since I was a child however it's the only sport that I actually follow. When my team doesn't make the playoffs (still trying to forget this past season) I become an apathetic fan. So it would seem that if I ever built a man cave in my dream home filling it with sports memorabilia would just feel like a lie.

What I have always been passionate about is video games. Ever since Atari 2600, yes I'm an adult, I found that gaming could keep me occupied for hours on end. It's normal for a person to yell and swear at their TV when their team loses, it's the same reaction when I die in a video game.

I think a Gamer's Den would be more appropriate for me, one filled with nostalgic gaming consoles and even arcade machines. That perfect swivel chair and multi screen for PC gaming and a giant 60 inch screen for console play.

There's an arcade machine on Hudson Valley Craigslist that would be perfect. If you've got the space I'd say check it out.