Nokia 3210 is back for 2024 with a long battery life, Bluetooth®, 4G connectivity, and more. Get ready to beat your high score at the Snake game. It's not like you need a new one, though. I'm sure you still have your original, and I bet the thing still works with an almost full battery.

Nokia is Bringing Back the 3210 aka "The Brick"

I was the coolest kid in school back in the day because I was the first kid to get a cell phone. Not just for my grade, but for the whole school! My parents got me the Nokia 3210 to stay in touch with them because I was always busy with after school activities. It was badass. I could make calls, I could text, I could play games! It was amazing! Kids would flock around me to see this phone.

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Not only that, but we knew this phone as "The Nokia Brick." At first, I was so careful with the phone, but after I accidentally dropped it down the stairs without a scratch, we would test how durable it truly was. We would throw it up against the wall, stomp on it, kick it, hit it with a bat, and it would stay in tact! The nuclear apocalypse could happen wiping out all life on earth, and these phones will survive. Not only will they outlive us all, but they are multiplying! Nokia just announced a 2024 relaunch with some new modifications!

The Renaissance of the "Dumb-Phone"


According to HMD, the maker of Nokia phones,

Let’s throw back to Y2K, when conversations mattered more than likes and shares. A legendary phone returns with a long-lasting battery and a redesign for modern times. And of course, it’s got Snake. This is newstalgia at its best – the return of the Nokia 3210.

Back in 1999, the original Nokia 3210 was there with us as we partied into the new millennium. Now, that legendary phone is back, pairing a modern redesign with a familiar feel for a real nostalgia trip.

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Nokia is smart in how they are marketing this. Not only is it touching upon nostalgia, they are focusing on how busy and noisy modern day has gotten. Nokia is pushing a "less is more" mentality with the relaunch of the Nokia 3210.

We had fewer apps in the noughties. Fewer channels to be present on. But were we any less in touch? Strip away today’s notifications from likes, shares, and comments, and what you’re left with are conversations with people you care about the most.

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The relaunch will supe the 3210 up with 4G, Bluetooth, News, Weather, access to YouTube Shorts, and Cloud Apps! The upgrade will be awesome to have, but funny enough, I know I still have my old Brick. I put it back in the old cylinder tube that I got it in. It is currently chilling in my room. Every once and a while, I will start it up and play on it!

Tigman from WPDH said, "Dropped in snow a foot deep during a storm. Retrieved it the next day, still worked! They don't make em like that anymore lol."

Paty Quyn from The WOLF said, "I still have mine in a box lol"

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