We live in New York State, nothing should really surprise us when it comes to taxes, fees, or even laws, right? Well, this week the local mom's group had quite the discussion about a surprising tax, or fee, that they were charged at a local establishment.

New York State 'Bagel Tax'

Here in the good ol' Empire State, having a bagel 'altered' in any way requires a tax, and it isn't necessarily something new.  According to some articles dating back to 2010, the state of New York imposes an eight cent tax for slicing or toasting a bagel, even if you don't get anything on it, because it has been altered from its original bagel state. Altering, cutting, or modifying the bagel from its original shape makes it a prepared food, and therefore it can be taxed.

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I have to admit, I got nervous for a second because I worked at a local bagel store for quite some time during high school and college, and full disclosure, I definitely didn't charge any taxes for cutting or toasting a bagel, but then again that was before 2010.

Ravi Krishnappa for Canva
Ravi Krishnappa for Canva

We've Had The Prepared Food Discussion Before, Right?

We certainly did have this discussion before, last time the debate was over sandwiches, and what qualifies an item (burrito, hot dog, etc.) as a sandwich.  Again it came down to the idea of a prepared food item. If it is cut, toasted, or modified in any way, it is considered prepared, and therefore charged a sales tax.

bhofack2 for Canva
bhofack2 for Canva

What Does The Hudson Valley Say?

As you might imagine, the original post in the local mom's Facebook group asking about being charged for cutting a bagel. Well, that generated a lot of discussion, more than 70 comments worth.  Some people were aware of the 'bagel tax' while others expressed their displeasure, concern for the world today, and even a few 'nothing surprises me anymore' comments.

Will this change your habits, will you cut and toast your bagel at home to save on the 'prepared food' tax?  Let us know.


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