A significant change that impacts those living in New York State who receive child support funds via New York State-issued debit cards has been put into place.

New Yorkers are urged to pay close attention to a few more upcoming dates for changes.

New NYS Child Support Debit Cards Have Been Issued

Those accustomed to using their New York State-issued child support debit card without paying close attention to transactions may want to take note of this.

Back at the end of March, direct deposits to the Bank of America prepaid debit child support card (the one with the apple design on the front) stopped.  As of March 31, 2023, all payments will have now began processing into the new 'Way2Go Card.'


Remaining funds on the old NYS cards will not vanish, you will need to use the funds until the account is depleted, but, no NEW funds will go onto that card, but rather the Way2Go card and account instead.

Two important things to know:

  • After August 2, 2023 if you lose your 'old' card, or it gets stolen, you will not be issued a new card.  Customers will have the opportunity to transfer funds onto the Way2Go account but not utilize the lost or stolen card.
  • If there are funds remaining in your Bank of America prepaid debit card account after October 1, 2023, you will need to contact BOA via the telephone number on the back of your card for further information on how to obtain the balance.

How Does The Way2Go Child Support Card Work in New York State?

Just with the NYS-issued cards that are being phased out, the Way2Go card can be used in the same way, as a debit card at all MasterCard locations.  There are also certain retail stores that allow cash back without any associated fees, access to your funds without a fee at financial institutions that accept Mastercard, as well as certain ATMs (Allpoint and MoneyPass) with no bank fees.


The important things to remember are to watch the balance on the Bank of America prepaid debit card account, and try to use all funds prior to that October 1st deadline. For the latest updates visit the  New York State Child Support Services website.

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