Did anyone have Chinese spy infiltration on their 2020 BINGO boards?

A New York police officer and a member of the U.S. Army Reserve who was born in the region of Tibet is being accused of helping members of the Chinese consulate.

We're almost so desensitized by news events these days that some of them are just plain difficult to believe. From pandemic to murder hornets to meteors and UFO's, 202o has taken us on quite a ride. There aren't many stories from New York City that surprise me these days. If you're anything like me it really takes a lot to be shocked from headlines out of the city but I swear that this might be one of the strangest ones yet and it sounds like something ripped straight from a Tom Clancy novel.

CNBC reports that a 33 year old NYPD officer was arrested and is accused of allegedly using his title as a police officer to spy on Tibetans who are currently residing in New York. Tibet has been under the occupation of China since the '30s and has been rooted in conflict. It's also reported that the officer's parents have communist ties in China.

CNBC also reports that the officer has been hit with a slew of alleged charges ranging  from everything from wire fraud, obstruction and acting as an agent with a foreign government.


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