I know it's the thought that counts but this gift sounds kind of crappy.

It's almost Valentine's Day. You're supposed to show your love one affection all year round but this Sunday we're all supposed to put in some extra effort.

I only have one perspective to bring to this discussion but I feel like guys face more pressure every single year on Valentine's Day. It really is one of those Hallmark holidays and from my experience women really benefit far more than men.

Most men don't take it that seriously but just because we might not take it as serious as some women doesn't mean we don't  try to get it right. Even after giving maximum effort some of our gifts can still end up being total crap, literally.

If this happens to you every year maybe it's time to cut out the middleman an just take your loved one straight tot the source.

According to the New York Post, a wastewater treatment facility is offering virtual tours this Valentine's Day. The tour is available for Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn.

Apparently this is not just a one time thing. The tour is available every year. The tour has been moved virtually this year and will be offered on Zoom for just $5.

Doesn't this just sound romantic? The price is right in my opinion.


Something tells me this s the perfect gift for a relationship that's headed down the drain. If it isn't heading down there it might if you get your loved one this tour.


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