Black History Month is observed from February 1 through March 1. It's a month to celebrate black culture and recognize the struggles that black and African Americans have encountered in America. Ignorance was on full display at a Hudson Valley middle school.

Nyack Middle School made national headlines a few weeks ago and it wasn't for something good. The school received a lot of negative attention for serving a lunch that many are calling 'racist' and for obvious reasons. According to ABC 7, students at the school were served fried chicken, waffles and even received watermelon for dessert.

Fried chicken and waffles isn't an appropriate meal to serve to honor the first day Black History Month.

Many parents and people across the Hudson Valley and beyond are scolding the school for serving the lunch. The school staff wrote a letter to parents condemning the insensitive menu items and claimed they didn't have knowledge of what was being served as it was a menu change made by their food vendor, Aramark.

Aramark serves many schools across America. ABC reported that Aramark apologized for the insensitive menu and claimed the timing was of the meal was unenintentional.


This may be exactly what the school is trying to avoid after several racist incidents that allegedly happened at school sporting events.

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