A committee has been formed to construct a monument honoring essential workers and one job that had a major role during the pandemic has been excluded.

Most people will tell you that their job is pretty important but I guess that's a matter of opinion because at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic we learned very quickly which jobs were deemed essential and which jobs were not in the eyes of the government.

According to New York State's website, Governor Cuomo announced that a committee was created to build a monument to honor the brave workers who helped the state get through the pandemic. The group consists of 23 people and has been named the Essential Workers Advisory Committee and their input will help shape what this monument to essential workers will look like. According to the state's website, 17 essential jobs will be highlighted.

The jobs that will be memorialized include doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police officers, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, corrections officers, transportation workers, building maintenance workers, sanitation employees, National Guard members, store workers, government workers, delivery drivers and construction and manufacturers.

Those professions were not listed in any particular order of importance and they should absolutely be celebrated but there's an important industry that didn't seem to make the cut and I find it a little upsetting. I realize that I may be biased by why isn't the media industry included in this monument? Many of us were very much considered essential since the early days of the pandemic.

We had to work while most of the country and the state was shut down for weeks. Many of us risked exposure to the virus in order to deliver vital information to citizens. We've been working nonstop to get you accurate information on everything from the virus to new laws to even where and how to get vaccinated.

I'm not saying we are as important as the other jobs listed but I think media should be on the list.

Do you think your job should be on the monument?


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