A Hudson Valley town is still reeling after a vulgar float was allowed to participate in a holiday parade.

On Saturday, the Town of Pleasant Valley in Dutchess County hosted its annual Festival of Lights parade. Local businesses were invited to decorate their vehicles in lights and enter them in a contest. One of those businesses, Snow Fountain Supply, added a political message to their truck that outraged many families in attendance.

The flag (which we've censored here, but was not censored at the parade) said "F--- Biden and F--- you for voting for him." A majority of those in attendance, many with children, didn't say whether they agreed with the political message or not, the use of foul language at a family event was "disrespectful" and "disgusting."


Snow Fountain Supply, the business that displayed the vulgar flag, has not apologized or released a statement about the controversy. Instead, they have apparently deleted their Facebook page after residents began leaving negative reviews. The company's silence has added fuel to the fire for those who were hoping for an apology or explanation.

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We reached out to the owner of Snow Foutain Supply, but they have not responded to our request for comment. Pleasant Valley officials aren't saying much either. Town Supervisor, John Del Vecchio, declined an opportunity to address the issue only supplying us with a statement saying that "this matter is being reviewed by the Town’s Attorneys."


The Pleasant Valley Recreation Department, which was responsible for organizing the parade, did release a strongly-worded announcement promising that there will be repercussions for the business.

Pleasant Valley Families–We are deeply saddened & appalled with the vulgar political sign displayed on O-N-E of the Festival of Lights participants’ truck out of approximately 60 trucks/vehicles. It is a very disturbing situation & there will be repercussions. The police & our handful of volunteers did not see this sign before or during the parade. We hope all of the children still had as much fun as we did!

In the meantime, some parents say they're hopeful that the negative publicity that's come from this event will be enough to discourage the use of foul language and imagery at future events directed at children and families.

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