What should Santa bring a 1-year-old kid? I'm asking for a friend.

The holiday season is here and Santa Claus will soon be coming down most of our chimneys to deliver presents to good little girls and boys.

I'm a new dad and my daughter just turned 1. She was born in October so this isn't her first Christmas but she was only a 2-month-old the last holiday. Between the stress of the new baby and adjusting to the new life, we barely had time to celebrate at all. Needless to say, my little newborn baby didn't really ask Santa for any gifts.

Now that she's a little older, I'm wondering how we celebrate now. She still can't ask Santa for anything specific.

Do I buy my 1-year-old presents or is that a waste?

She has everything she needs and honestly, she gets tired of toys within days. If I do get her something do we even wrap it? It's not like she's going to sit down and rip into them.

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Of course, we can all be together and celebrate Christmas but can she really appreciate the part that involves gifts? I'm excited about the age when she starts understanding how fun it is to receive gifts on Christmas morning. What age is that? When do kids start writing Santa Clause and really understanding gifts?

A parenting blog said they can understand at 14 months but I don't think I believe that. Others say kids comprehend opening presents by age 2 or 3. Am I a bad parent if I don't buy and wrap my 1-year-old presents?

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