A notable Hudson Valley pizzeria owner will be traveling to Randall's Island this September to help his longtime friend who was hand selected by Barstool's Dave Portnoy to participate in the One Bite Pizza Festival.


Second Annual 'One Bite' Pizza Fest Slated For September

Dave Portnoy has become a household name these days, especially in the pizza scene. So much so, that there's an entire One Bite Pizza Festival happening on September 14th at Randall's Island Park.

Returning for a second year in a new and bigger venue than last year where more than 5,000 foodies joined to get a taste of Dave handpicks pizzerias, this year, 35 in total will be on hand for a culinary pizza feast.

With plenty of pizza to taste from across the country, there's one particular Michigan based pizzeria owner (the only Michigan one representing in the festival), who will have a very special Hudson Valley pizzeria owner by his side.

Fredi The Pizzaman
Fredi The Pizzaman

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Cascarino's Pizzeria & Ristorante Owner To Be At 'One Bite Fest'

Anthony Cascarino, owner of Cascarino's Pizzeria & Ristorante in Montgomery is an active member of the community here in the Hudson Valley, and has ties to one of the 35 hand selected pizzerias that will be at the One Bite Fest in September. Cascarino has been connected to Fredi 'The Pizzaman' for about six years now.

Fredi and I just know each other from the industry…first spoke about 6 years ago on his podcast and we’ve become close since. He’s a great guy and does a lot for his organization, which helps build sensory rooms in schools and stadiums for children with disabilities. Besides the pizza industry, we are very similar in our family goals and beliefs.

One Bite...Everybody Knows The Rules

Fredi's been serving up his 'old school pies' for more than 40 years, sharing that 'pizza is my life, my passion.' El Presidente, Portnoy himself, made a visit to Fredi in Melvindale, Michigan in 2021, and learned more about not only Fredi's pizza, but the charity he established to help those with autism.

Fredi The Pizzaman
Fredi The Pizzaman

During his 2021 visit, Fredi shared that so many people have tagged Portnoy or #onebite, he was actually a little scared for Portnoy to come and taste his pizza. Once he did visit, though, Fredi's unique approach to his business, no advertising, his pizzeria closing on the earlier side each day, was surprising to Portnoy.

Before even taking the first bite, Portnoy raved about the 'undercarriage' of the slice and the crisp. One bite and he deemed it 'undoubtedly the best pizza in Detroit, not even close, not even close...'

Bar none, hands down...this is the best pizza in Detroit, period, end of story...8.7 - this is as good as it gets!

But it didn't stop there, after trying Fredi's goulash, Portnoy went in for a bite of Fredi's 'tavern style' slice, calling him a 'f*cking maestro.'

Seems like all of this was enough for Portnoy to hand select Fredi to join 34 other pizzerias in September for the festival, and that's where you'll find Hudson Valley's own Anthony Cascarino, working side-by-side with Fredi.

When we talked to Cascarino about being at the One Bite Fest he shared that he was 'excited to help his friend who is representing and traveling from his pizzeria in Michigan,' oh, and he also wants to talk to Portnoy about visiting a few more Hudson Valley pizzerias for reviews...we can think of one...

Tickets for One Bite Pizza Fest go on sale June 28th, and you can find out more information here.

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