Do you feel like your workplace is a grueling and stressful place to be? You're not alone. 

A new study shows that a disturbingly high percentage of workers - about one in five - say they face a hostile or threatening environment at work. That can include sexual harassment or bullying, and it notes that workers who have to face customers get a disproportionate amount of abuse (ask anybody you know who works in retail, and they'll tell you the same thing).

Over half of workers say they face hazardous conditions and less than half believe their job offers good opportunities for advancement. So yeah, the findings look bleak, but the majority of Americans like their boss and have friends at work. That's something, right?

It seems they'll be conducting this study every year for a long while to take a look at the long-term complaints and to compare the American workforce to Europe's. Hopefully you work a job that's creatively fulfilling, pays you well and doesn't make you hate your life - that's the American dream!