As we pass the halfway mark of the calendar year, the heavens are set to get quite active in the coming months ahead. One of the best annual meteor showers of the year arrives soon, and residents across New York state should count on a good show.

Of course, weather always plays a role. However, scientists are saying the Moon will only be partially illuminated this year, making for better viewing. What you can also count on is a lot of bright, and colorful meteors in the sky.

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Perseid Meteor Shower says that the Perseids meteor shower will peak across the night skies around August 13. Many scientists and amatuer astronomy types refer to it as the best meteor shower of the year.

The Perseids are known for producing fireballs, which are "larger explosions of light and color", according NASA. Experts say that the best time to view them will be during predawn hours


The Perseids are the dust remnants of Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, which is the largest object to pass Earth. Earth passes through the comet's path every mid July to late August, which leads to the countless dusty particles and pieces entering the planet's atmosphere.

On average, during the peak times, you can see anywhere from 12 to 60 meteors per hour. During some "outburst" years, such as 2016, you can even see up 150 to 200 meteors an hour.

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NASA says that the Perseids often leave "long 'wakes' of light and color behind them."

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