Beer is booming in the US, New York, and even more specifically, the Hudson Valley. To prove the success of the industry in the area, one of the biggest breweries in the country is right here in the Hudson Valley.

The fourth largest brewery, according to the Brewers Association, in the United States is in Westchester County. More specifically, White Plains. And that brewery is...*drum roll*... Heineken! The rankings were based on sales.

But wait, isn't Heineken an imported beer? Well yes, the beer is still brewed in the Netherlands, but White Plains is home to Heineken's US headquarters. No beer is brewed in their White Plains headquarters, but it is a huge business hub for the company.

As for other New York Breweries, Duvel Moortgat, in Cooperstown was named the 5th largest craft brewery, according to the Brewers Association. Brooklyn Brewery was named the 11th, Artisanal Brewing Ventures was 14th, Matt Brewing Co is the 17th largest craft brewer.